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Editor login form bug on specific project?


I’m trying to log in to the editor, but there seems to be a layout error with the login form. It’s the same in both Chrome and Safari. BUT, it happens just in this one project, all my other projects’ login forms are functioning as it should.

Try adding ?edit for yourselves here:

Anyone experiencing the same?

Hi, @smnstd!

Thanks so much for sharing. This is definitely odd behavior and I’m digging in now to see if I can find a fix for you!

Hi, @smnstd!

After doing some further investigating and getting some more eyes on this, it looks like a bug.

The team has been notified and they’re working on it.

I can’t provide a timeline for when a fix will be available, but someone from the team will reach back out as soon as we know more.


Hi! Thank you for looking into it, any news on this one? Need to hand Editor-possibilities over to the client.