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Editor mode doesn't work


Hi, I’m trying the collaborating using the editor account, but it doesn’t seem to work. Not for my collaborator, and even when I click the purple Editor button from within Webflow, or the editor option on the menu within the designer, I’m redirected to the blog site - with no editor panel at the bottom. Another site on my account works, so I don’t understand what’s wrong with this one. Any ideas?
Thank you very much,


Hi @LupoAsaf,

This does sound like odd behavior, and I’m happy to help!

Would you be able to remove the following custom code from the projects , re-publish, and try to access the Editor again?

  host =;
  if (host && host.indexOf("") == 0) {

I attempted to reproduce what you were experiencing, but was unable to. The above custom code may be preventing you from accessing the Editor.

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