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Editor mode, no way to scroll the page


No option to scroll the page (For collections items) (Chrome) “stuck”. Two customers complained and I also checked myself.

scroller missing


Same thing happening here. All of my projects are the same.


Can confirm. It’s completely broken. I’ve tested it on Chrome and Firefox.
Additonally, any changes made to the collection item are disappearing after saving and reopening it. It’s super frustrating.


We’re having the same issue.


Same issue for my clients. They’re automatically logged out of the editor, or unable to scroll in the editor when it stays logged in.

Tested in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


Hi everyone. Thanks for the heads up. We are currently looking into this issue. Once we have an update, we’ll post a reply on this thread.


Both myself and my clients are currently experiencing the same issue.


Hi there. I am a “client” and stumbled across this community. I too have been unable to scroll down a page when in the CMS. Yesterday it took 4 tries to replace an image. I tried using Safari (instead of chrome) and it wouldn’t even let me log on because it said safari wasn’t accepting cookies (not true). Is there something wrong? Do I need to get my agency to upgrade/get new plugins?


Hi everyone. Got an update from the engineers that a fix will be live in about 45 minutes. Thanks for your patience.


Great news! This bug has been fixed. If you are still encountering issues, please let us know immediately.

Happy designing! :smiley: