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Element width doesn't auto adjust on device rotation

I have one column that uses the dropdown menu to create an accordion. Thought it was perfect, but now I notice that the width doesn’t change when you change a mobile device rotation — but, this only happens if or after the item has been opened.

Real head scratcher. Not sure why this happens. Is there a fix? Need to get this out asap to prospective jobs/clients. Pretty sure if someone catches this error, bye bye job.

This is where it happens:

Read only link as below. FYI, that right column that contains it is Flex due to this crazy 10px dropdown alignment issue: Dropdown Styling Issue — maybe that’s a clue to the problem? If so, I’ve never tried custom code… do I need some to get rid of this horrible alignment fault?


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hmm… that’s interesting.
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FYI, I took my code/method directly from the example below, and sadly having gone back to test it out, it suffers the same issue :frowning: