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Elfsight form - passing a hidden value?

I am using an elfsight form to handle job applications on my website. I need to know which job the person is applying to (this bit is easy because the URL is passed) but also the person who posted the job.

I have this data available in webflow on the page and could insert it into a webflow form as a hidden value. Is anyone passing data like this to elfsight forms?

Hi DrNinjamonkey,
Unfortunately, there’s no such functionality in the default settings of the widget. However, you can contact our Support Team and they will help you to customize the widget exactly for your use-case.

Also, there is also such a simple option, how to indicate the name of the work in a hidden field (if a unique form is created for each vacancy). To do it:

  1. Go to the Elfsight configurator and choose the Form Tab;
  2. In the Form Elements section, add the Hidden element;
  3. Insert the required value for the element;
  4. Ready! Now you’ll get submissions with the value of the specified hidden field.

We hope, it helped a bit with your use-case. Anyway, if you any questions, contact us - we’ll be happy to assist you!

Best regards,
Elfsight Team

Hi - is the value is available on the page their must be a way using a line or two of code to pass that value in to your form?

Our apologies for the long wait and thank you for the question!

There’s a way to pass the value into the form. Our Support Team will be delighted to help you with that, just contact them here - and they modify all the settings exactly for your use-case.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,
Elfsight Team