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Email form validation

Hey community!

I’m trying to add email validation to the subscribe form located here. As of now, it allows invalid emails to subscribe. Specifically emails without the domain extension.

Anyway to add validation?


HTML5 input fields with type=email do validate for empty, or user@domain.tld, or multiple. Read more… V

I have not tried to use the pattern attribute on webflow. You could give it a try. If that does not work then you need to use custom code to take it a step further.

So you’re saying it should validate it automatically since it’s built in? It’s currently accepting broken email addresses. How do I force the validation?

Take a look at this resource.

I think the key thing to understand is if a browser (or bot) does not support HTML5, then patterns don’t work, input type=email falls back to type=text. So bad emails are always going to get through.

If the issue is spam fills, that is a different story. Just add a recaptcha.

I want to suggest you using easy to integrate JS Widget: