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Email images not showing since change to Webflow


This is a pretty obvious issue that I just didn’t think about and now it’s become an emergency!

I sent out an email newsletter for my client last week via their web hosting on Business Catalyst but have created a new website for them and just changed hosting to Webflow’s yesterday. So the domain name now points to Webflow’s servers.

Now none of the images in the e-shot are displaying as the links are broken.

Re-creating the e-shot in something like Mail-Chimp would be very simple but my client would have to send it out again.

I could upload the same images to webflow but there’s no way of creating a directory to mimic the previous directory and therefore leave the existing e-shot and it’s links alone.

Does anyone have any idea what I could do instead of starting from scratch?


You need a 301 redirect.

You set a URL as a 301 redirect (the url of the broken image) and you set the redirect url (the new image url on the new site)

Luckily, you can set 301 easily in your Webflow site’s settings.

It’s in the Hosting tab.

To easily get the static url of an image you’ve just uploaded to Webflow, you can use this tiny link on the image properties panel:

Right click it and copy url.

301 redirects are useful for just this: making old links work. It’s primarily used for SEO when you update a site. The articles don’t have the same URL anymore but you want to keep the “SEO juice” it had before. So you set 301 redirects.

It’s possible to use wildcards and set a bunch of 301 redirects at once, if you have like tons and tons or old pages and articles.


Thanks Vincent.
I’m pretty sure you’ve hit the nail on the head here, but I’m not sure which parts of the old and new urls to enter into the fields. I’ve tried the following and published but none are working:




I feel like I’m being a bit thick here and not spotting something fundamental, but I just can’t see it.


Why a slash before the url?



Those urls must resolve in a browser.


The 301 Redirects is insisting that I place a slash first:


I have a doubt now… because images are never under the domain url of a webflow site but on a cloud… maybe 301 can’t work this way… I haven’t thought about this.


I worked it out!!!



…that is the FULL Webflow URL

Thanks for putting me on the right track, Vincent.

You’re a star!


Well I’m very glad it worked for you :smiley: