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Email mailto link property opens new tab


Just can't find the answer to this but I have a image linking to email in the link properties. When I test the link it brings up my default email with the correct address and subject but it also opens a separate tab with mailto:userid@emailaddress?subject=(subject) in the browser. Looks like the code is putting a target=blank at the end and I can't find where to turn that off. On the other link properties you can specify if you want it to open a new tab or not.


Dynamic Lists linking to individual email addresses

It's best to pin @thesergie to this post wink They'll fix it up soon I hope wink


Thanks for the update. Wasn't sure if I was just missing something.


I don't know why that's there! We'll get rid of that. smile

Meta tags on individual pages

We totally gave you the option to change this a while ago, just forgot to mention it!


Thank-you. I should have looked better.


Hi, I'm having the same problem. Even with 'open in new tab' unselected, the mailto: link is still including target=blank. I'm stuck, please help. Thanks


I am having the same problem. How do you link to web based emails (gmail etc). I only get a blank tab.


I have just had this same issue. I realised that even though I had completed the little fields for the email and subject it was opening a new browser tab.

I solved it by clicking on the URL button within the same area, where I noticed that it had the mailto: link with subject but also had the open in new tab checkbox selected - that doesnt appear on the email link bit anymore..

So I unchecked that box and all sorted.


ref. the open tab problem by e mail : clients hate this. and to solve this problem is essential for succes of all webflow user & fans!




treid several times ... but: doesn't fix it ...!

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Mailto opens a new tab

Sorry guys! Thanks for the reminder on this. Will investigate further.


I created an example site using the the URL option and Mail option and by default none opened in a new tab:

Seems like this issue has been solved as I can't reproduce.


Hi there, sorry but to me the problem is not solved. When I choose link type Mail it will open in new tab.
Also when I try to do it via URL-Link it still opens in new tab.

Plz help!


Hi @cpepegrano, thanks for bringing this up again. Could you please help to share the read-only link to the site ? If you prefer to send that to me as a private message, that is ok also:

I am happy to take a look at this, thanks in advance!

Dynamic Lists linking to individual email addresses

Hi @cyberdave,
sure. here is the link:
Contact-Mail is in the navbar on the bottom of page.


@cyberdave Hi Dave, any news on this one? Thx


@cpepegrano can you please publish your site so I can see the issue happen on a live site?


@PixelGeek: well, the link to the website is just 2 posts above...thanks for catching up 4 (!!!!) months later though we do have the most awesome premium account #poorsupport