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Embedding Vimeo, Webflow says "Invalid video link", but it's not


I'm copying directly from the URL:

But getting this when I paste it into the Video widget:


Here's my read-only Webflow link:

Link to video:

Privacy settings are good on Vimeo video:


@jonreese this sounds like it may have been a timeout error with Embedly (the provider we use for the video integration). When I tested with your video on my end it worked without any issues?

I've also had this happen to me once before when the video was freshly uploaded:

Tested here:

Are you getting the error still on your end? Maybe refresh the Designer and try adding it again?

​Please let me know if this solves the problem, ​thanks in advance!


Thanks @waldo! I'd never seen that error before. I had already tried refreshing the Designer which didn't work, but restarting my Mac for some reason did. Anyhoo, works now. Thanks!

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