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Empty Lightbox Images

webflow forum screenshot


I’ve created a lightbox gallery and it appears to work initially, but when the thumbnails are selected and you enter the gallery, after each image I uploaded, there is an additional empty image, any body know how I can remove them?

Thank you
webflow forum screenshot webflow forum screenshot
(^^aware of spelling mistake)

Here is my site Read-Only:

Im new but want to help if I can.
Can you show me where on your webflow this is, I cant find it.

Hi iDATUS thanks.

Fixed Read Only Link!

Also I now realise that the issue I’m having is removing the placeholder thumbnail, I am not able to delete it, as it reappears automatically. Help!!



Got it.
You have spelt gallery wrong on some of the groups. Galllery <-extra l
So as you created a column its saying show me a picture and you don’t have any hence the empty place holder.

Hi @iDATUS thanks but this didn’t work unfortunately

one of your lightboxes has a place holder image. i removed that, didnt fix.
I added a new light box somewhere else and that worked fine.
I deleted one of yours and added a new light box, that worked fine.
My guess is something you done in the past messed these light boxes up so delete them and re-add. The columns and so on are fine.