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Error publishing an item

Anyone know what this means?

Trying to publish an individual item but getting an alert that says “Domains have different publish dates. Republish all domains to enable single-item publish.”

Can’t share my read-only due to NDA, unfortunately.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Hello, @jonreese!

Here’s information on this problem from this page:

In some cases, publishing individual items would break your site. In these instances, we prevent you from being able to publish single item updates. These instances include:

  • Your site hasn’t been published
  • The structure of the collection for that item (or a referenced item) has changed
  • You have multiple domains published at different times (:point_left: This looks to be the issue here)
  • The item’s references create circular dependencies (for example, a blog post has an author, the author has a client, and the client has a blog post)

In each of these situations, the fix is simple: publish your entire site (to all domains) to make sure everything’s in sync.

Publishing your entire site should fix this issue for you! :smile: