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ETA for lift on 100 static page limit?


I would like to know where we are on removal of 100 static page limit.

Words can not describe the disappointment when while working on 95th page of my site, I was issued warning that only 5 pages remain and prompted to add hosting. I came to Webflow for responsive design features and the ability to export code, not to be force-fed CMS and hosting. And I certainly didn’t sign up to pay $16/mo for “responsive design (but only up to 100 pages).” Such critical and debilitating limitation should be clearly specified in the plan description, which it is not

One forum user notes being quoted “50% additional charge for 50 more pages.” Coming from static site background, the idea of page limit is ludicrous, and PAYING for additional pages, even more so. CMS is not suitable for all projects and for my particular site, needlessly complicated and an overkill.

Most other platforms do not impose this type of limit, and if they did, have lifted them. Here are a few:




It looks like others have been waiting a while on this As paying users, I believe we are owed a straight answer as to whether Webflow has intention to ever implement and if so, a timeline (days, weeks, months), so that an alternate solution may be identified if necessary. If nothing else, prospective users will learn from my experience and not find themselves effectively stuck in the middle of a project.

Please advise and thank you for your consideration.


I’m curious, what is the use case that needs more than 100 static pages? I imagine that maintaining 100 static pages would be more complicated than representing the common designs / relations with CMS data and templates.

The wishlist has status tags: future, in backlog, planning, development, beta, shipped. That wishlist item doesn’t have any of those statuses, so there isn’t an ETA. I’m sorry that we don’t have more info on this request for now.

I’ll ask about putting that limit on the pricing page.

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Thank you and I appreciate your comments. Site is primarily for presentation of images and once deployed, won’t need much updates or maintenance. I can’t use Lightbox, as it lacks the ability to customize (default black background, caption overlapping image, fixed font, etc.).

I also do not wish to go the CMS route in case site has to be moved to a different platform anytime in the future. I understand CMS may now be exported to CSV, but I’m not a developer and wouldn’t even know what to do with it as some others on this forum

Workaround I’ve found, is to use my allowance of 10 sites as staging areas so to speak. Generate the files, export, then put them back together locally before uploading to server. Not ideal and cumbersome at best, but it’s the most realistic solution I can come up with for now, especially considering time and resources already invested in getting up to speed with Webflow and this project specifically. Webflow works for me every other way and I’d love to be able to endorse it whole-heartedly. This, however, is a tough one to justify.

Anyone else experiencing or sympathetic to this issue, please vote for this wishlist. Thanks.

P.S. Apologies for “Weekly” autocorrect typo on original post (obviously meant “Weebly”).