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EU cookie law notification box



is there any simple solution for EU cookie notification box in Webflow. User must confirm (I agree button) one time. When user is visiting website for 2nd time or navigating sub pages the modal window should´t pop up.



Nobody? Would also be interested!!



i found a solution (not in webflow but remote javascript file and one line < div >
Just add code before < / body > tag:

Link: Responsive cookie notification


Hi, really sorry for the delayed comment @piedone and @TheMM, we have been really busy working on new cool things for Webflow smile Webflow at the moment does not have this built in, as you no doubt have seen, however you can use external script/service as @TheMM has shared. Thanks for that share @TheMM. We have the cookie function for EU cookie law added in a future update smile Once that happens, then you will be able to use Webflow's native solution, but until then, I would use something like what @TheMM has shared smile

Cheers, Dave


Hi Dave,

I would need a cookiebar (EU laws). Is this been added somewhere in webflow?

thank you


Hi @zigakolar, thanks for inquiring about the EU cookie notifications ! There is not built in Widget for this yet, so a custom script solution is still the best way to go.



@cyberdave Still nothing on this matter?


Hi @TheMM @piedone @cyberdave @zigakolar @aaronocampo

I've found a really good free Cookie pop up tool by

So good in fact that I've added it to all my GP Practice websites and my own website at

Simply go onto app.cookieassistant. Enter your cookie requirements (i.e., what you want say, path to your cookie policy and email address) and it produces code you can just drop into your Webflow before </body> tag section in the config. Really nice design too.

There's also a Pro version with a small fee which gives you analytic information about who's reading, clicking the prompts etc.

Hope this helps.

Cookie Policy with free plan

Does Webflow have native cookies yet?