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Event registration


I have a client wanting to have an event registration page that will also accept payments is this possible?


Hi @Djboy welcome to the community!

At this time you cannot add that type of function in your Webflow site natively. You’ll need to embed a widget or custom code from a third-party platform like

Hope this helps :grin:


Hi @Djboy.
Josh from Foxy. If you’re looking for a way to 100% manage your events and booking options in Webflow, Foxy is a good option. You have full design control and can manage everything with Webflow’s CMS (or no CMS).

Here’s a Webflow site doing something similar (using Foxy to handle the ecommerce side of things)

You can learn more about our integration with Webflow here: If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



You can even add in a little Zapier magic and list people who have registered, like Eventbrite does!


Absolutely! So much is possible.