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eWay Pay Button - Dynamic Amount


Hi all,

I’m Looking for someone to complete a quick job. More then happy to pay for someone to setup this up for me.

I need help embedding an eWay pay button for my webflow website: Under the make a donation section there’s 4 donation boxes. They are currently use the “eWay fix amount buttons” but I want to make the fourth button a DYNAMIC amount so the user can type in whatever amount they like.

I’ve contact the eWay support team and this was their response.

The reason your developers are saying they can’t do it is because the pay now button they have currently used (which is a piece of code they copy and paste from eWAY) only supports pre coded amounts. To have a fluid dynamic amount as opposed to a static one they would need to implement one of our other API’s such as the Iframe - (this link contains sample code that your developers can use)

The docs

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Really appreciate any help!


Hi Kane,

PM Sent.



Hi @kanebaker
Just in case you’re still needing help with this. Foxy seamlessly integrates with Webflow and eWay. You can create a donation form in seconds in Webflow, designing and styling it exactly how you want. Here’s a quick demo I put together for you:

Allow donors to decide the amount, provide pre-determined amounts, offer different donation frequencies and collect any info you need (ex: in memory of info) Let us know if we can help with anything.



Hey @kanebaker

Plasso works with handfuls of Australian business owners and organizations providing payment solutions like donation spaces, one-off product purchases and recurring payments (donation plans). We’re built on Stripe so you can accept donations from their supported countries. We can’t offer you a solution for the eWay dynamic amount (apologies for that) but if you decided to branch off of their services in the future, you should check us out (Basic Plan is $0/month) :call_me_hand: Here’s a link to an example space I set up that could seamlessly integrate into your webflow site by assigning a class to each of your donation buttons and then pasting our short script tag before the closing body tag: Wanslea Family Services Donation Form

It would work the same as your eWay embed (pop-up modal)

Hope you find a solution for your site :slight_smile:


Hi again @kanebaker.
Just put together another donation form demo for a Webflow user. Built and designed with Webflow’s Designer and Form Builder. Requires a couple of line of js and css, but everything else was built visually. Please let us know if we can help with anything.