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Example for a collapsible navigation bar


Do you have an example for a collapsible navigation bar?


One that start collapsed and reveal itself as you scroll on the site? If not can you describe exactly what you mean?


No that´s not what i mean. I need a menue on the left side of a webpage with 5 menue items. When you click on a menue item the submenue appears above the clicked item like this:

item 1
item 2 (click by the user)
item 3
item 4
item 5

item 1
item 2
- submenue item 1
- submenue item 2
- submenue item 3
item 3
item 4
item 5


I made that, you can clone the site


Thanks! How can i copy this page in my website project?


You can't copy things from a website to another. You have to understand how it's built (analyse it) and reproduce it on your website (sorry)


hi vincent. thanks. i have build it in my side. my problem ist that in my case the click on a menue item a new page shourld be opend. in your case its on the same page. it only scrolls to sections. in my case the user cklicks on the menue item and the submenue will open, this is what i want. but the click on the menue item schould go to another page and there you can click on the submenue item which shcould scrool to the section. i have tried all but it doesnt work.