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Example sites with IX2?


Would love to see how people are using the new interactions. Can we get a thread where people are showing of their work?


I have only been experimenting so far. Here are a few of my tests:

and here is the sandbox link:


I’ve used it for some subtle effects on these sites:


Just messing around with this one:

I still need some time to be familiar with IX2


These are great designs!


Here’s a loading animation experiment I did using IX2 from a shot I found on dribble ( (desktop only)


Added some leafs :maple_leaf:


Still building my new portfolio site with IX2, not finished yet, but using them to animate one of my illustrations:


Here is some subtle IX2 interactions on an in-progress project for a current client. (desktop only so far)


Nice website Scott. What are you using to run the shop?


VERY nice work Scott! Love the subtle interactions and animations.

This is definitely the kinda stuff I was hoping people would make with Webflow IX2! 10/10

I assume you’re planning to export this and tweak it into an eCommerce platform?


Can you share the read-only link to the designer? I want to see what you did on the back end



So since the shop requires a lot of functionality that would have to be hacked together in Webflow (membership forums, 400K + product inventory, etc…) we’ll be exporting the front-end and convert to WP templates, and integrate WooCommerce, + create a custom product import tool or use a plugin to handle any csv/xml import.

For a phase 2… down the road the client wants us investigate working with reaction commerce for the back-end, etc. Have you heard anything about Reaction?


@quarshcreative Hey! Thank you!

And yes exactly, going to export to WP for this project. We’ve done something similar for a Web App and used Angular 4/Rest APi and some payment processors. I’d like to perhaps try Webflow to Reaction Commerce or something similar for our next large Ecommerce/Web Shop project. Have you ever used Reaction? I assume it would be more difficult or at least more time consuming to work with then the Webflow to WP/Woocommece integration.


Sure, When it’s all done I’ll PM you.


This is looking awesome so far! Such a great vibe going on


I have created so far this to sites with IX2:


Thanks so much :smile: Fully live and finished now!


I made this =)


Nice job @jorn! I love the way the site opens on scroll, the faces that appear on the The Many Faced Owl section and the way the dark clouds appear at the bottom! :heart_eyes: