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Export CMS site as static site



I’ve seen several posts related to this topic, but no straightforward reply with detailed operational steps.

How to export a CMS site as a static site?


Is it possible to export CMS content as a CSV


I think you haven’t seen that because it’s quite technical and complicated. Anything connected to Collections will not be exported in regular export of the site. The Collection items can be exported as CSV file. And there is not a simple way as I know of to make that CSV into static HTML and CSS. There a some CSV to HTML converters out there but you need to add CSS to that.

My tips to you (depending of how many collection items you have and the complexity of CMS items) is to make the site static inside of Webflow and export it. My other tips is to use a tool from Udesly that can convert your Collection based Webflow site to a Wordpress Theme, not static though obviously.

Maybe someone with good developing skills will comment too help you out.



I would refer you back to this post, which you asked a similar question on. It does answer the question.

As @jorn mentions, how you go about it is complicated and depends on your skills and resources. If you wanted to export the data to another CMS, then that would depend on the CMS. If you wanted to create pages from CSV data, that would depend on either your database skills or knowledge of things like python.

I could give you a more specific recommendation if you could articulate why you would want to do this versus just using the webflow CMS with hosting.


Hi @webdev, thank you for your reply.

To be more precise, I just want to export the CMS website contents as HTML/CSS/JS so that I can host it on a low-cost basic hosting plan, as I don’t need to edit the site anymore.

I already looked at the similar question that you mention (you can see my comment on the thread), but the operational steps mentioned seem to be for mac users.

I know that some tools exist that can be used to download an offline “mirrored” version of a website (as HTTrack), but I don’t know which one is the best. Of course I’m aware that there will be some limitations, maybe for the controls that filter collection lists for example, but I can change the site in function of the limitations.

If anyone has tried a successful method to convert a CMS site to static, please share your experience!

Thanks in advance!


Which one is best is a subjective question. I have used Wget, curl, and sitesucker before. Why don’t you try one to see if it works for you? They are all well documented.


Thanks @webdev! Well I prefer to ask if anyone has found some reliable method before trying all the possible solutions (that’s the purpose of the forum), but I understand from your replies that there is no straightforward solution for this question.
All the best and thanks for taking time to reply!