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Export Project with Iteractions 2.0


I wan’t to know how do i reuse the new Interactions 2.0 on an exported WebFlow Project.

The new Interactions generate dynamic IDs and don’t use slugs like the old ones.

Previously, i just insert the Interaction slug on an element i need it. Now, i don’t know how to do this without duplicating IDs.


<section data-w-id="3485619b-c65e-c89b-85d7-2f3450130f32" class="section">
    <div class="w-container">
        <header class="section-header w-clearfix">
            <img src=""
                 data-w-id="7726613b-65ea-213f-1da7-6d85e4cbe6bf" class="section-image">
            <h1 data-w-id="42ab0ff6-5009-5fdb-366b-b2960515a9cf" class="section-title">Section Title</h1>
            <h3 data-w-id="bde12205-2b0f-9497-907a-8014682fd6c4" class="section-subtitle">Section Subtitle</h3>

How do i reuse the interaction above on another section?

This problem apply to any webflow project. No Specific link.


I would contact support directly for this question. I think this deserves a little more attention that from community, to make sure it’s accurate to what you’re looking for.


I’d say it is an interesting question deserving attention from us users as well :wink:


No doubt, huh :man_shrugging:


Thanks for the suggestion. i will try to contact them, but i think this is really something that can help everyone.

Users using Webflow Host and CMS will not need this, but users that don’t fit on this case will have problems.


+1 for this. I hope @webflow won’t forget users who develop HTML for other frameworks.


Soon you’ll be able to target classes, not just element id’s, in animations so it should work like before.


This is great. right now it uses Ids for HTML tag and affected elements. This really breaks the reuse.