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Exported images return a 404 error


After exporting my code and uploading my images to 1&1 a couple of images cannot be found by most browsers. The webpage logo I have fixed by changing it from an image to a background image (which makes no sense whatsoever) however I have yet to find a clean method of fixing one of the bedroom images. Here is the link to the website:

If you go down to accommodation on any browser other than IE you should see an image that appears to have a broken link. For some reason however the image does load inside the lightbox.

[SOLVED] Responsive Images broke my site

@Gumball, It seems like its a bug in the new feature, as mentioned in this topic by Waldo.

Thanks for providing extra info on when a bg-image works!


HI @Gumball @Diu we just pushed an update to resolve this issue, can you please refresh the Designer and perform a fresh export to see if the issue is resolved on your side as well?

Thanks in advance!

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