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Exported site CSS doesn't behave as the published site



My published site CSS behaves differently than exported site

Here is the site on webflow:

Here it's after exporting & uploading:

As you can see, there is a long white space. It's the result of me using a hack to vertically center the chat bubbles. However, the issue is not present in the webflow published version, even though it's using the same code!



Solved by using @callmevlad suggestion.



@cdes, the only difference between the published and exported version should be that the HTML in the exported version is formatted in a "pretty" way. This introduces whitespace (and line breaks) which introduce subtle differences around elements styled with inline-block properties. Can you try removing the white space in the exported beta-players.html around inside everything that's affected by your CSS rules that have very large line-height values? What's happening right now is that these invisible spaces get treated as 256px high elements.

What I mean by 'removing whitespace' is structuring your HTML so it doesn't have newlines, like so:

<div class="wvcenter"><h1>Text</h1></div>

Here's a bit more background with some manual fixes you can make (notice the last method of commenting out whitespace):


@callmevlad Wow... didn't know about this!

Thank you, it worked!


This has happened to me too ... webflow has no way to do something automatic in the code to solve it in a faster way?