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Exporting Corrupt Code


Working on a project for uni, made the entire site in Webflow, now I’ve got to export this to host on my own server and the codes coming out corrupted. I’ve tired safari and chrome with the same results, the contact page comes out fine the rest of the pages are exporting in a single line of code and render with huge chunks of white space.

I’ll be able to submit the Webflow links although I’d rather have done it on my own server. (I’d have probably got a few extra marks for doing that :wink: )

Link -

Would the only fix be to entirely recreate the site? The only thing I’ve added outside of Webflow is a HTML 5 audio source that is only found on a single page, no other custom code has been added.


That’s really strange.

Could you post a link to the exported code?


Bit of a delay since I just submitted the Webflow link but you can see it uploaded in all its corrupted glory here;

As you can see the site isn’t aligned properly and theres a ton of white space that shouldn’t be there. If you look at the contact page the page has been exported properly.


One of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. There’s got to be something going on here. The source is correct, but what is being rendered has everything that is in your head tag being moved into the body. I’m not 100% sure that is what is causing all of this, but it sure can’t be helping.


Stranger still, the code export on the contact page looks completely different, which is why it is loading properly. I didn’t see any custom code on the page level. Do you have anything special loading on the site level?


Did you try exporting again?

Try turning your minify settings off and on again (saving and exporting between each change).

Something went haywire, that’s for sure.

When you uploaded, did everything go into a folder that is not running anything else? Were any changes made after export?