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Facebook Messenger Chat


Hi there, here’s a tip for you.

You can add Facebook Messenger to your Webflow website, it’s in beta but works.

Chat online. Recommendation?!

Fantastic, I have been looking for something like this.


Hey @jorn

Maby a video idea for Youtube?

looking forward to it :wink:


You mean like a mini tutorial how to add Messenger chat? Yeah maybe, you gotta start sometime with video tutorials :smiley:


Awesome. I have be testing bot building platforms, but they are a bit hard core for SME purposes.

But… the cross chat platform / integration is more sensible. It probably constitutes poor user experience having Facebook account dependant chat?


Hey @MichaelS I didn’t do a video, yet, but here’s a simple tutorial anyway:

Screenshots are in Swedish but maybe you can get something out of it anyway? It’s pretty straightforward, kudos to the Facebook team here.




Looks promising, definitely gonna do this later!

Much appreciated!


It’s to easy to use this in android phone and in pc.