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Fade in Nav Bar and Active Links


Hello - I'm new to webflow, but have some backend software experience.

I've been trying to recreate the dual nav-bar fade-in from this tutorial:

I followed the video to a T and got it somewhat working, however, I think there is something wrong with how I setup my sections.
1. The fade-in navbar appears soon after scrolling past the original fixed nav. I am not even halfway through the hero section.
2. When a user is scrolling through sections, the Navbar activates the next section "Current" styling when I am only about half-way through a section.

Anybody else had these issues? Other than that this web technology is awesome.


Please, can you share your read-only link? So we can take a look at your setup.


Let me see if I can recreate it on a blank template. The client is in a competitive space and does not want news of the re-design coming out.

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