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Feature Availability & Limits - Discussion Archive


The above list will be updated shortly after the launch of the new features and pricing on Dec 19, 2016.


Hi, Any updates to this list?


Webflow, How is this still a thing "Max number of items per collection: 100" Its just starting to get embarrassing explainging this to clients! Use this great product Webflow, but please don't publish over 100 blog post :sob:


Its now 2000 CMS items :slight_smile:


@Matty When did this happen?


Ermm around 18th December


CMS #5 should be no more, updated CMS #6.


The max number of collections is now 40 with business hosting. 20 with CMS hosting.


Thanks, added that in


The max number of fields per collection is now 40 with business hosting.


Added element reserved custom attribute names to the list.


@samliew You can remove "import" on #18, right? Since you can now import data to CMS? Still VERY much hoping for Export!


Updated. Thanks.


Hi Sam,

I just stumbled across this really useful list, thanks. Does this link mean Designer #9 can be updated:


closed #35