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Feature request / name of project:site in webflow UI


Hey teamWF

quick question, maybe you already have got this somewhere..

I'm looking at having the need to work on 2 sites that look the same..and in the webFlow my JTBD (Jobs to be done) is quickly to make sure I'm working on the correct project site, and I know this by name.

But I actually have to go back outside to the dashboard to know what I clicked on, or click on it again.

Here's a real estate region that could be used to show this project name, just my 2 cents.


I agree. Good feature to have.

I've had a similar need.

For me... to get around this
- I use the URL to remember the project name.

my projects:

rev-aca.... american cancer assocation
rev-bni... business network international

or you something like..... lvn-aca-001, lvn-aca-002.

so the URL for aca would be

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