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Features question on shared hosting



Thinking about making the jump from Muse to Webflow, but my clients aren’t going to want to move their hosting for the most part. Is there someplace where I can see a list of which features won’t work if sites are on Godaddy or Hostgator etc. so that I don’t design something that won’t work for my clients when I export the code? Also, is there a clear pricing guide someplace?

Thank you for any info.



Hi @mhyusi, here are the main features that require the site to be hosted in Webflow:

  1. Forms submitted to Webflow (although you can use other form services like Mailchimp, Aweber or your own form handler script on your own server):

  2. CMS features (including CMS Editor):

  3. Zapier integration:

  4. Site search:

  5. Webflow SSL:

  6. Dynamic SEO meta and open graph:

  7. Webflow CMS API:

  8. One-click publishing:

  9. 301 redirects:

  10. Page and folder password protection:

  11. Client billing:

  12. RSS feeds:

  13. Webflow support is only available for sites hosted in Webflow.

  14. The hosting itself on Amazon and Fastly CDNs are only available for domains hosted in Webflow. Webflow is cloud based hosting, not running on a conventional “shared” server as other lower priced alternatives. Webflow hosting will significantly reduce the Time to First Byte TTFB for sites hosted in Webflow vs sites hosted on external servers.

I hope that helps, if you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to us on the contact page:


It does, thank you. I’m still on the fence, trying to figure out if Webflow will do everything I need it to quickly.


Hi @mhyusi, there will definitely be some effort involved, no doubt, but Webflow makes it easier to recreate the design fast and also to reuse a lot of what you build in different projects.

While Webflow may have certain feature differences than what you might be used to, I think you will find that for most things, if it is not already a native feature, there is a workaround or script or new way of building the requirement.

Also, I have to give the Webflow community members a plug here, they are extreme awesome, and have a lot of creative ideas to share.

I know it can be tricky to change, let me know what I can do to help.



Thank you for the help. The death of Muse is going to be a drag, but it is what it is. The site I need to recreate ASAP is a site I literally just started a couple of days ago at

The client signed off on the general direction, so I’m trying to rebuild that in the free version of Webflow just to see how difficult it’s going to be. I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but I really do appreciate the help getting started.




Had a quick question. My site is loading up fine on desktop and tablets, and in Webflow, however, on phones, it’s being sent to a 404 page. I’ve seen this issue in the forum, but no solutions that apply. Any help is appreciated.



Sorry to bug you again, but for some reason, the mobile site is going to this url/404

I own that domain, but does that make any sense at all?

Thanks again, I owe you at least a beer.



Hi @mhyusi, thanks for the question. That URL looks like it is still hosted in GoDaddy, meaning that the domain is pointed at GoDaddy.

Are you attempting to redirect the page to a Webflow project? Could you help to share the Webflow project read-only link so that I may take a look?

My guess is in GoDaddy, the page you are trying to load is not found at that location, so the 404 is showing. I would recheck your uploads and make sure that the file path to the index.html correct.



Thank you again.

The test site is now up at:

Webflow shared site:

Site works fine on desktop, laptop, iPad, but when I try it on my iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, it send you to the link. It’s nuts. Does the same thing on my server, as well as the stomp rocket site at GoDaddy.

I keep thinking there is some code in there someplace left over from my migration from muse that’s sending it to the dev server at

Any thoughts are appreciated.



HA! Found it. There was a line of code from the Google Verification when I first set it up for them that was hiding a redirect to my server I must have added when it was still in development for the original site. Removed that line, and voila, site shows up on the phones.

Again, thank you for all of your help, and for putting up with my newbie questions.




If you get a minute, can you please take a look at this thread for me? You were very helpful before, and I really appreciate it.

Thank you,