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Feedback: Accessible elements update

Feedback or questions on this?

Please comment below :point_down:


This is great Barrett and I am impressed we only have to republish to implement!

Collection lists have list attributes which is great. I am wondering if we need semantic html

  • for collection lists. I am learning about accessibility so I guess i need to read up on roles and how they work with markup?!


  • Hey @HammerOz :wave:

    For situations where a semantic list or <ul> can’t be used, ARIA Roles are a great way to make non-list elements be read as a list by screen readers. This enables the total number of items in a list is announced as well as which number the current item is in that list. It even works for nested collection lists!

    Before the addition of roles for CMS lists and items, only the text itself would have been announced by a screen reader without any context of a list. Now all of our dynamic CMS lists and items are accessible to more users!

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    Cheers Matt, Good to know!

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