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Feedback for my design business site


Hi all,

I have just put together my first site using Webflow and would love to hear any feedback from the community before I launch it. It's for my design business I don't have any coding knowledge and found Webflow to be pretty much exactly what I was looking for.



This looks great @sparky smile I will recommend that you set your home page hero image background to "Cover" instead of contain and remove a max width from it if you can as it cuts off after about 1859px width.

I would also maybe place a form in the site so that people can contact you easily, and remove your email address and maybe replace it with a text or graphic styled link mailto: link (otherwise you're going to get a lot of spam email). smile I have an example of this on my site at the bottom:

Also consider adding some kind of fixed button on the page for folks to contact you smile

And on mobile, there isn't really a hover state (there is when people touch an item, but should be treated as though there isn't one). So on your work sections, I would set your hover over pseud-divs on images to be showing on mobile or have them display underneath the images so they aren't overlapped smile

Fantastic job!!!


Waldo smile


@sparky I'd change out the first hero image. I used it on my own site until I decided it was being over used... smile

I agree with @Waldo_Broodryk add a contact form.

@Waldo_Broodryk fyi, your site didn't finish loading for me this AM.


Hey @jdesign can you please elaborate on the loading issue you experienced and what browser/device you're on? Feel free to PM me smile Thank you!


Looks like there's an issue with my CDN. Thank you for alerting me @jdesign! smile


@Waldo_Broodryk No problem...if it were mine, I'd want to know.


Great site @sparky!

Only one thing I will notice.
On the phone, images of your works has no hover state, so there is no text overlay until I didn't tap on them. I would like to see that overlays without taping blush



Thanks so much all for the feedback and great advice! Really useful stuff and will work on the various points.