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Feedback on my website


Hello everyone,

Today I made a small websites about Orcas after seeing the documentary Blackfish.
Could you guys give me feedback on perhaps what i did wrong and what i did well?



Your feedback will be greatly appreciated! :smiley:



Hey @DharmaNode

Great job :smile: but there are a few issues you can fix:

  1. The section 2 text seems to be overflowing Screenshot

  2. Add a bit more top and bottom padding to Section 4 Screenshot

  3. After the section 4 video ends the background goes black Screenshot

Dont worry about the two navigations showing up in the screenshots its just the screenshot software that does that.



Thanks for the feedback!

I have fixed the section 4 thingy because right after i posted this topic dropbox sent me an email about too much traffic because of the video haha.

Is the navigation on the right double for you? I saw it in screenshot 4

I seem to have done something wrong since all those things you show me don't happen on all of my 3 screens haha.

I will try to fix them, thanks again for the feedback!

Edit: It's weird because in the editor everything is fine at the bottom:


Your welcome

No its not double its just a glitch in my screenshot software :smile:

Good luck on the fixes if you need any help just ask :smile:



Any chance i can have the read-only link? so i can help you :smile:


Edited the thread with the link


Ok thanks looking into the issue :smile:

Going to have dinner will look into it after


Hey @DharmaNode

Seems like you figured it out its now fixed all i would suggest it add 5% padding top and bottom to section 4 container :smile:



Alrighty done that :smiley:


Does anyone know how to prevent the gap between the html embed and the body?


How did you create the circles that highlight as your scroll down the page? - Great job btw.



Great site! I love the usage of the video and flat design. :smiley:




Thanks for the great replies @MinewireNetwork & @PixelGeek!

@seank feel free to see how it's done :smiley::