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Feedback: Password protect CMS collection pages

Feedback or questions about password protecting CMS collection pages? Drop them in this thread!

Here’s the original update:


This is a great feature I can put to use on an existing project!


Can you add specific passwords for each CMS collection page that draws from a collection field, for example?

I currently have one CMS page for each client, and I’d like them to have their own password— instead of one password that applies to all of the CMS pages.

@gaby_izarra I’m running into an issue wherein no matter what I set the password to be on my CMS pages, I’m told the password is incorrect after publishing the site. I don’t have any issue with passwords on standalone pages, just CMS pages - any ideas why this might be happening?

Did you find any solutions to this? I have the same issue now.

This is being discussed in this thread: Issue with Password Protection

Might be worth bookmarking in case a solution is mentioned there.