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Feedback: Streamline your shipping process with a new Shippo integration for Ecommerce

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Hey guys !
Currently I am creating a french e-commerce and here in France we use a lot Mondial Relay ( Relay point )
shippo is integrating the Mondial relay to their service but do you know if somehow it is possible to add Mondial Relay in the shipping method ?
Thanks Max


Can I not see the live rates for the cart? I built an entire website and the client doesn’t want to launch until the prices are correct and he is not winging it for quantity or weight. He wants exact from his FedEx account. I hooked up Shippo and nothing new for shipping in webflow…just easier labels? Please help!!!

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What shipping method should I choose with the Shippo integration?

I want my customers to see live pricing for the shipping as well so I don’t over/under charge them for shipping.

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I’m also having this issue! did you find a workaround?

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I have the same issue than p3e with the French market. Mondial Relay is the main shipping service but it seem impossible to add this shipping method even with Shippo.
Because, when this shipping method is selected, our customer have to choose on a map which spot do they want.
Did anyone found a trick to fix it with webflow ?


Dido Fam, We need that Live cart!

I’m having this same issue… :disappointed:

how to integrate mondial relay point delivery choice ?

@laetitiamod welcome to the forum. At the moment, that’s not an option. Webflow is an American company and they work to add American businesses first. I had a look at the Mondial site and they don’t have a zapier integration. They do allow an API integration so i wonder if you could use the webflow API to connect to mondial.

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Seriously, this is a huge issue that Webflow needs to resolve as of yesterday. Shippo calculates live rates, but Webflow can’t display that, so it pretty much makes this integration useless.

I have that struggle right now with my project. Come on Webflow, this seems like you fell short on this integration!!!

And can we also have pounds as a unit for weight in addition to ounces? I’m listing some products at 300oz, which doesn’t make sense lol.

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I connected my shippo account, but why doesn’t Shippo site include a webflow “connect my store” integration tool? Documentation appears to be very limited on both Shippo and Webflow sites.

Bonjour p3e :slight_smile: ! Je vais travailler avec Shippo également et je suis française aussi ^^ ! Penses-tu que nous pourrions échanger sur ce sujet ? J’aurais bien besoin d’aide. Tu peux me contacter sur ? Merci 1000 fois !