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Feedback: Symbol content overrides

Questions, comments, concerns re: :point_down:?

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This is actually such a huge thing. One of those that change our whole workflow and how we should think when creating layouts! Awesome job, guys!

Awesome feature, once it’s find its place in my workflow I’m sure It’ll increase my productivity and save a few headaches.

Absolutely love it BUT… pleeeeaaase add overrides for Lottie animations!! I need this badly!

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Absolutely love this.

One suggestion…

It would be great if we could link the html embed as well. I use the html embed to add svg icons to a link block to create button with icons. It would be great to be able to easily switch out the icon the same way we could with an image field.

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What about populating an override field from a CMS item? I have a page header symbol, and I would love to populate the h1 element in my symbol from the title field on my CMS item.

In other words, I’m looking for this option:


On this dialog: