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Field not visible for Conditional Visibility


Love the Conditional Visibility, but does not seem to be working as expected in this use case:

I created a new field named "Related Newsletter Resource" in my Blog Post collection to reference a Related Rsource where the post is mentioned

In the Blog Post template I created a Div named "Related Newsletter Block" that contains the link created by the field above

With this in place, I selected the Related Newsletter Block to set Conditional Visibility based on the Related Newsletter Source field being set.

Unfortunately, when I try to do this, the Related Newletter Block field is not available for my to use for this purpose. Am I missing something here?

Blog post where the div block should be visible: FDA Approves Trulance for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation

Blog post where the div block should be hidden: Azithromycin

Thanks in advance to help in troubleshooting this configuration.

* Link to website:
* Browser: Google Chrome - Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit) (Up to date)
* OS: Windows 10 Home / Version 1607


Hi @murray great questions! Right now you can apply filters and sorting for a dynamic list based upon reference items but not create conditional visibility settings based upon a reference item.

We have a wishlist item open for that feature request here right now:

The current workaround would be to drop in a dynamic list in your template page, and filter your dynamic list to display elements that have the reference set to equals a certain value.


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