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File hosting so viewer can download a pdf or file?

Can I upload a pdf or file to Webflow so the pdf is opened or file downloaded when the user clicks on a link? Is there a tutorial somewhere that can show me how to do this? Thanks

Just upload the file into the assets manager, and then select it from the specific link/button you want the file to be downloaded

The asset manager is great for files that need to be accessible throughout your site, like @Jeandcc points out. If you’re using a CMS, you can also add a File field to any Collection. If you had a user-manual for each product, for example, you could add this field, then upload the manual to the CMS data, and link to it dynamically anywhere you can access that collection.

Can you elaborate? Links / buttons dont have an option for “download file”

Are you sure? When you go to link settings, don’t you get an icon for files the same place you get the option to select email, phone, page?