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File image labeling


Hi guys— does it really matter how I label my image files when I upload them through webflow? Someone told me I need to label them correctly for better SEO. Is this true?

Here is the original message below:
“1) All image file names are not web standard. Ideally all should be lower-case and should’ve been hyphenated instead of adding space in between two words. That makes it SEO friendly!
2) The image assets are not consistent i.e. somewhere @1x size is used and at places @2x size is used.”


I can’t find a source that recommends this. Perhaps it’s not as important as you think.

I don’t see how this will be an issue for SEO.


Ok! Thank you for the feedback. Ill go from here and get back if I hear anything else as well but for the most part, I think it should be fine. Ill simply relabel the files just in case. Thanks again for your input!