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File select form element


Hi guys,
it would be nice to add file-select form element.



Hi jhotujec,

Thanks for the request. I can submit this to my developer team for consideration. smile In the meantime, can you help us by adding some context to your request, usage ideas, etc. More conversation around the topic will help us when adding new features.



Since Webflow doesn't allow file uploads it could be more as a object to design a template. I often use the trick to move a input element somewhere outside of the form to use it as a search bar or something. Adding an object like this could be helpful with design itself.


@bartekkustra great point about using it outside of form blocks for templating purposes.


Thanks for fast reply @thewonglv .

Well, its really just for design process. I understand that there is not point in actualy uploading a file to Webflow. Just something like a form element with success and error states would be more than enough for me smile

Keep up the good work!


hi, I have the same problam but I didnt understand what was your solution.
for example, i'm working with architects and i want them to send me drawing with the contact form.

how can I do that?



Hi @superbar, you could use they have file upload option on their forms and the basic plan is free to use, just embed the code into Webflow grinning

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