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File submission issues :/

Hi guys,

so I have a form on a client’s website, where they need users to upload a file and then submit. I have set in Project settings that the client receives an automatic email with all information collected by the form; including the uploaded file (as a .pdf link). When my client clicks on the link to view it, they receive this message:

“I get this when I try to hit that link: {“msg”:“You are not currently logged in”,“code”:401,“name”:“Unauthorized”,“path”:”/api/sites/curative2019/formUploads/3caba67c-db58-4305-8f46-769ec1a79c68.pdf",“err”:“Unauthorized: You are not currently logged in”}"

As a test, I tried sending the submitted forms to my email (which is the email I use for my Webflow account), yet I receive the same error. Inside Webflows settings, I can pull up the form and also see the PDF without a problem.

Does anybody understand this issue and know how to solve it? ://


Hi @Douglas_Fllrtn - just my first thought here. Have you tried unchecking login required?

… hate to admit it, but that was the problem. Thanks for this hehe

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I’m glad it’s all figured out - have a good one!

PS - @Douglas_Fllrtn, do you mind marking my answer as the solution :slight_smile:

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Thank you guy this salved part of my problem. now i need to embed the images in the email . dose anyone know how?