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Filter images when click


Here is my issue :
I have given the same class to all my images, a class called "allimages" and I've also added a new class for example for the flower images, a class called "crmlinks" (in addition to "allimages").
Everything works concerning the "All images" link. When I click on it it shows all the images and when I click on another link, for example "crmlinks" link, all the images disappear, but I the "crm" images don't display, nothing happens.
I have follow all of the following instructions (filter images , but the thing is I CAN'T select the second class of my image in the trigger interaction panel. Let me show you :

Please answer as soon as possible.
This is very important for me.
Thank you for your time & patience.


Hi @Blaise_Posmyouck,
Seems that second class that you create wasn't global class. and Combo-class will not appear in the interaction panel. What you can do now: create simple div, give it class that you need a filter to (that one that is combo class now). In this way class will become global and will be available for interactions. Then you can just delete div.



Dear Sabanna.
This works perfectly, you're amazing !!

Thank you so much :smile:



:blush: Always welcome. Glad to be useful.


Hey again Sabanna :smile:
Now I have another issue :S (sorry I'm not very good at creating websites atm...)
Everything works when I click on CRM for example all CRM links and only CRM will display.
But my images are also links (there's a linkblock containing it) and when I click on an image to access the link (in a new window), my filter breaks and I got all the images again (no more CRM links only).
Do you know why I have this issue ?

Thank you again for your patience & comprehension.
See you soon I hope !


Could you share read-only link to your project, please? It will be much easier to find out where is the reason of this problem.

Guidance you can find here:

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