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Final Deletion of a File in the Asset Manager


Hey guys,

you really need to fix this: If I delete a file in the asset manager it is still available under it’s old URL.
So this means: I can’t really delete a file from the asset manager, you still have it saved, right?
I’m sorry but if I delete something I want it to be gone, especially when it’s still available for Google in this case and this shouldn’t be – it should be gone.

Same occurred to me when I was duplicating a project:
When I downloaded the HTML file of the website, even if I had deleted the assets and not used it in the project – the files were still in the same image folder. I haven’t checked this and accidentally sent confidential data to the wrong client. Please fix this!

Thanks a lot for your great service in every other aspect.


Havent noticed this behavior myself - but maybe it is a cache thing in your browser?
Do you happen to have an old link, so I can test it from here. :+1:


Hi @davidk77

When you delete assets they are removed from your project, but not entirely removed from our servers. They aren’t permanently removed just in case you need to restore to a backup version of your project — you’d be able to get those assets back. If we didn’t keep them, there’d be no way to have them on previous backup versions.

If you need assets permanently removed from our servers, you can always contact us directly and we’d be happy to help.

Regarding the export issue — if an asset is still being used on the canvas somewhere it will be included in export. I’d recommend checking to ensure you aren’t still using the asset anywhere on the canvas to be sure. And as @new_work_city, it may also be due a browser cache error. Would you be able to clear cache and test in incognito mode after confirming there is no reference to this asset on the canvas?


@Brando Clear explanation, but it raises the question how long exactly the files are ‘saved’ before they are permanently deleted then.


We also deal with time-dependent business files and did not realize this was an issue. Why not add a simple “Remove from site” or “Delete Permanently” popup option? That would be strongly preferred over the current behavior. I can’t think of many examples when a site owner would consciously want to delete a downloadable file yet still leave it on the server available to google going forwards?


Thanks for the explanation. This is definitely logical. But yeah, gonna remember to never use my nude photos as a placeholder items anymore, haha!