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Firebase hosting and Webflow under the same domain

Hi! I have a vue.js application running on firebase hosting, and I want to use Webflow to build marketing campaigns, homepage, and blog. But I want to have everything under the same domain for SEO reasons.

mydomain/about ==> WebFlow
mydomain/blog ==> WebFlow
mydomain/*rest ==> Vue.js

Is there a possible solution to have this approach?

Hi Jesus,
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You can use the 301 redirects from any url (under your project) to any other url on the web.

Hi thank you for the answer!

301 redirects bring you to a different domain, What I want to do is to mask it and keep it in the same domain, so it doesn’t redirect. It is more a “rewrite” but from a different domain. Do you think that is possible?


301 can redirect to the same domain as well.

I am not sure I understand your needs. Can you re phrase? or illustrate?

If you self hosted the site; yes.

Sorry for the confusion!

the idea is that i can host my app made with vuejs under the domain
but is a web made in webflow. But the domain doesn’t redirect to but it stays in It is a bout rewriting the url, not redirecting.

does’t it make sense?

This topic might help clarify what I said;

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thank you guys, I am afraid that to achieve something like this is not possible without a custom running server with nginx or apache to mask domains.