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Firebase Possibilities


You can do this now in Webflow using Firebase as a backend.... just a thought... so it is already possible to do this editing of webflow content inline, on a site hosted on webflow server.

Another possibility, if you want to host the sites you make with webflow on your own servers or your clients own servers, is to use a service like Surreal CMS or Pagelime CMS, which let you assign class names to items to make them editable, and then your clients can log into the online CMS of choice, and edit pages that way too.

I prefer Firebase, so that sites can be still hosted with webflow, and not have to deal with moving sites around to different servers etc. Regarding Sketch, it is a great tool. I agree with you, webflow is the best tool out there and most fun to use smile

Feedback on the old structure of Webflow plans

Firebase still has quite a bit of coding to get it all set up. @cyberdave have you built a site with Firebase + Webflow yet? Would be great if you could share!


Hi, true, you do need to still have some javascript/jQuery + html + css knowledge to get it setup from scratch, I have been unit testing a new library I made that can be just dropped into a webflow site with a single script reference to main library that contains all the procedures necessary to make the firebase work with webflow, and so far, I have not run into any problems with the integration. I am working on a new site for a client that incorporates the firebase library I am writing for webflow sites, and once that is ready, I will certainly share a tutorial.

From the experience that I have had while making the library though, the coding aspect of it, is no more complicated than say coding php for wordpress templates.

I will keep you posted on the progress.



How are things going with your Firebase integrations? I believe you're on to something big here.


Hi, well there is no "official" integration with Firebase yet in Webflow, however I am working on a tutorial, that will show how one can create a site with Firebase integration and social login methods. Firebase, like any tool such as mySQL, does require some coding to integrate into a site, so it is probably an option for users with javascript experience, but it is another interesting way in which to use Webflow generated sites. For those that might be interested, coming soon will be the tutorial on how to get basic connections in Firebase made, using Webflow and Javascript.



Would be really appreciated @cyberdave, thanks for that smiley



That will be helpful @cyberdave.
Are you available for hire to help with some integrations that would include email login?


@cyberdave - I'm really interested to see how you have integrated firebase. Look forward to the tutorial.



Hi @cyberdave, how are you making out on the tutorial? It will be helpful to see the possibilities with Firebase. Much appreciated. Thanks, Todd


Hi, thanks for the reminder smile The official Webflow docs have been taking priority for me, but I will try to get the tutorial ready this week, thanks for checking back on this.


Any news? Im reading about user authentication and i think your tutorial would be very helpful! smile


Really looking forward to this tutorial. Hope it's still in the works smile


Hi @cyberdave Are you still planning on sharing this Tutorial with us? PLEASE...


Hi @cyberdave I know you are super busy, buy this tutorial is a must for us webflow users.


@cyberdave Hi just realised this thread is a little old, but do you have any idea on when you might be able to post this tutorial?

Or perhaps even shed some light on how we can get data OUT of Firebase and INTO a webflow site?


@cyberdave, this tutorial you speak of would be a HUGE help to someone like me that just starting to dabble in the coding... would love to see this! :slightly_smiling:


Bump. Any info out there on integrating Firebase with Webflow? I'd like to give it a go this year so any experiences or info would be a great head start. I'll definitely share if I get there first :slight_smile:


Sorry for popping in on the end like this but was just wondering what exactly FireBase is?

I did a Google search but came up with Google's own product which I believe is more for apps so not sure if that's what's being referred to here?

Best wishes,



Firebase was acquired by Google and is part of their suite of cloud services. Firebase is basically a NoSQL cloud database, basically storing data as JSON with key/value pairs. What's great is that you can do everything client side. Apart from storing data through client end code Firebase also provides Authentication.

So now imagine, Webflow, with all it's great features, but with the ability to have user logins and a user area. This pretty much would be killer, but is a lot more technical to implement, and a little technical to make sure your code is secure. You can see some firebase auth documentation here .


Thanks for the answer blindspot, much appreciated.

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