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Firefox problem vs Chrome


Hi I have some troubles with my site.


When I look in firefox everything is messed up on the hover effect on the "Artister" page. But in chrome everything looks fine. Could anyone help?


Is there a published site we could look at? Are you on a Mac or PC?


Sure sorry @jdesign


Hi @Nicholas_Loye, thank you for your patience. I took a look at the site, and it seems you have a relative offset positioning of Top: 40% on the 'paragraph bio' class, which is pushing the paragraph into the same space occupied by the buttons layout. My suggestion is to set the positioning on the 'paragraph bio' class to auto and then if you need margin between the hover title and the hover paragraph, then to use top margin, and not top relative offset. See my attached screenshot as a reference. I hope this helps smile Dave


Hi @cyberdave thank you so much. It worked like a charm smile

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