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First Webflow Website


Hello Webflow family

I wanted to get feedback on my first site. I been with webflow for about 3 months and I finally finished my first site… I would love you guys feedback, suggestion and comments.

Thanks in Advance


Great job with the interactions! :smiley:

I would suggest having your logo somewhere on the homepage.


Wow. Great work Stefen. :smiley:

A suggestion, If you bring out contact page in “our work” page. It will be easier for clients to reach out, if they wish to work with you.


Hello stefen,

your site looking dynamic and user functionality is very great but i will suggest to you logo is not looking somewhere on page, If you want to check site For Ex
add a logo,


a great job. congrats. I liked it. Very functional and intuitive. Agree with the contacts placement and with logo


Nice Work but it has some issues.

its showing horizontal and vertical scrollbars and return btn not working in firefox


Thank you Nelson for the feedback. I will get that logo on there. For SEO purposes, Should I use text or an image when I place my logo on my home page.


Thank you Miya for the feedback.


Thank you Daniel_Dixon for the feedback. I want to make the site as user friendly as possible.


dr3772 Thanks for your feedback.

I will look into why the return link is not working on firefox.
Any suggestion on how to fix this problem.

Thanks for your time.


I would hide overflow of the main container Div that holds all of your divs.


Hey Webflow family,

I want to thank everyone that checked out my first business website design. I really appreciate all of you for the support. I launch the site yesterday, as I was looking at the site with multiple devices I noticed that on my android phone my site was a little out of wack. The landing page doesn’t take over the whole viewport like it does on the desktop and tablet. I have it set you 100 vh on each breaking point. If anyone has had this problem and willing to guide me threw this problem I will greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.



Whoa! Super cool interactions, with a very unique design. Love it!!