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Fixed Background Image


It seems there is a bug with the background images not displaying
on Mac Firefox / Chrome / Safari browsers.

If the image is fixed... the image (and any gradient) will not display at all.

If you switch the image to non-fixed... the image (and any gradient) will display.


I just tried a div with a background image set to fixed + a gradient with transparent values and the image displays fine on mac
chrome Version 41.0.2272.89 (64-bit)
firefox 36.0.1
Safari 6.2.3 (8537.85.12.18)

Post an example if you are still experiencing the bug.


mine is working now... not sure why - but it appears a reboot fixed it ??


There is an ongoing bug with bg images not showing up. Not related with their fixed position or associated with a gradient., just they don't show up. Re setting your image seems to fix it.