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Fixed Background Video block scrolling in editor


Hey guys! First time posting here. I ran into a little problem while trying to create a fun blog page. I’m hoping to have a background video in the hero section that is fixed behind content to scroll over the top of it. However, when I have the background video fixed, I cannot scroll past a particular point in the editor, but when you view the published link you can see all the content.
Please help!

Published Link:

Read only link:


Did you get this issue resolved?


Not that I have heard.


Just remove the % percentage css on the “Hero” layer. Then use 'Center Width" toggle to center elements. Finally, hold down Alt and give both top & bottom padding for spacing.


Wonderful, thank you so much!


Mind if I ask how you were able to add scrolling elements above the stationary BG video? That is what I’m currently working on. Thanks!


I gave the video background a -1 z index so everything layers on top of it. However, you will only be able to select that layer through the navigator menu.



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