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Fixed backgrounds flash, load slow, or other general buggy behavior


Hi Everyone,

first off - here is the webflow link

The issue here relates to the parallax images toward the bottom of the page. In Webflow edit mode - you can see it views just fine. BUT when in preview mode, or I export the code I get very glitchy behaviour. In addition to this issue, the background goes from fixed (giving the parallax effect) to static and scrolls with the screen.

I am at a loss as to exactly what is causing this on Chrome. I have a suspicion, this is to do with background-attachment: fixed.

Please, any suggestions will be welcome!



Just thought I'd bump this in case it's lost in the forums forever!


Hi @Fagan_Wilcox, not sure if this was related to the other issue, but just in case you missed it - you can try to resolve this by clearing unused styles (keep clearing them until they are all gone)

Long story short, the empty/unused styles are breaking the background images. smile

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply - but I have already been through this with the webflow support staff. Removing all the styles does not work unfortunately.


Hi @Fagan_Wilcox, Sorry, about the background image trouble. I've changed this thread to Bug and have reached out to our dev team to take a closer look. Hoping to learn more about this issue asap.


Hi all,

@Fagan_Wilcox is correct. Chrome has notoriously bad support for background-attachment: fixed.

In your particular case, it seems that your use of "Position: Relative" is triggering the bug.

I would recommend you try an alternative div structure for these fixed background sections, that avoids any use of "Position: Relative". It seems that Chrome will only behave properly when the Position is set to "static" (also known as: "Auto" in webflow)

Great looking site, I hope you're able to get Chrome to play nicely.


Relative = breaking fixed images

Thanks for the reply. I'm glad the bug is confirmed.

However I'd like clarification on your suggestion to use an alternative structure, how can I use an alternative structure to achieve the same effect without the position being set to relative?



Hi @Fagan_Wilcox, I'm happy to try and take another look at this for you. I looked at your read-only link and it appeared to be disabled. Can you please post it here again? I'll try to structure it in a way that prevents the shifty background image behavior. :-/ Thanks in advance!


it would be awesome if you could try help! here is the new link


any luck with this? I'm about to complete this project


Hi @Fagan_Wilcox, thanks for following up on this. I made a copy of your site and restructured the elements so they didn't rely on position:relative anymore. Take a peek here:

Hope this helps! smile