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[fixed] Checkboxes and radio buttons without a form


Hello Webflow community,

I am making a prototype for a web application, and I want to use checkboxes and radio buttons, but I don't want to include them in a form.

For example, see how Google drive uses checkboxes to select a document to be deleted or how Facebook uses radio buttons for a user's settings. How can I do this without inserting it into a form? Is there some sort of workaround I can use?

Thanks in advance for your help.

** UPDATE ** Due to a fortunate glitch in the system, I am able to create a checkbox inside a form, and then drag it out of the form and delete the form. However, this should be able to be accomplished without having to add the form in the first place!


Hi @Aliceb, you can drag form elements to your page, without having to have a form element, if you hold the ALT key while dragging the element. If you want to use these elements as part of an actual form, we recommend you use the default behavior for forms, and drag out a form widget. If you just need a checkbox or other form element, hold the alt key while dragging. Does this answer your question?

Cheers, Dave


Hey nice one! This is undocumented, or my brain and memory aren't so good anymore (the latter can be true).


had the same problem and didn't know either