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Fixed div not working properly on mobile



I am working on a website and the fixed div for mobile and it works properly on the computer but after I launch it, it doesn't work properly on mobile. Please see the images below.

Here is my public share link:


I'm not understanding what doesn't work correctly.

Do you want people to NOT be able to scroll that window on mobile?


Hi Cricitem,

I want people to be able to scroll. Please check it on your phone using this link

Click on menu > Bookings > then try scroll down.


It's working correctly on android.


Hi @Starlord great question! What you could try is setting the div to overflow: scroll: (probably want to do this for the landscape view and down)

And try setting a max height on it of 100vh (more information on VH/VW units available here), so that it doesn't get taller than your viewport height and is still scrollable on mobile.

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