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Fixed Image Background causing weird twitch on IE browser



I have a div block with the background image set to fixed.

The fixed position works smoothly with the chrome browser, but starts twitches when it comes to IE.

How can i fix this problem?

Thank you,


Can you try adding this to your body code, publishing, and letting us know what happens?

if(navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident\/7\./)) {
  document.body.addEventListener("mousewheel", function() {
    var wd = event.wheelDelta;
    var csp = window.pageYOffset;
    window.scrollTo(0, csp - wd);

Here's a link regarding adding custom code for anyone who's interested:

From your Site Settings, go to the Custom Code tab, add your code into the Body Code section, and click Save Changes.


Hi @McGuire,

It fixed the problem perfectly!

Thank you so much ;D